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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of terrain can an E Electric Bike be ridden on?

No matter what type of terrain you ride on, The CalCruiser propulsion system is as at home in an offroad environment as it is on a city street. The motor, and battery both utilize full contact sealed bearings, and all cable connections are sealed to keep out the elements. Testing has proven that the wheels built around our 600 Watt propulsion systems are as strong, and stronger than those found on traditional bicycles. Riding in the rain, mud or snow will not harm your Electric Bike.

What type of maintenance does my E bike require?

Aside from charging the battery on your Electric Bike, no other maintenance should be required by the owner than what needs to be done on a traditional bicycle. To properly care for and condition your battery recommends charging after each use. The battery can be removed in its carrying case and plugged in at work or at home. This allows battery voltage to remain high enough for the battery management system to function properly.

Aside from battery care, routine bicycle maintenance (cable/deraileur/ brake adjustments) should be preformed to assure your E bike remains in good working order. For recreational riders an annual tune-up is generally sufficient. More frequent maintenance intervals are recommended for commuters and offroad riders who tend to subject their vehicles to more abuse. Almost any neiborhood bike shop can handle the regular maintenance at a reasonable cost.

Can I retrofit my own frame with the CalCruiser system?

In many cases, yes. The CalCruiser system can be easily fitted onto many bike frames.

Unlike most e-bikes, the CalCruiser is modular. You replace the front wheel of your bike with a CalCruiser front wheel (motor laced into the front wheel), run some cables, and attach the speed controller to your handlebars. Thatís it. You can do it yourself ñ just purchase one of our 600 watt motors, front wheel assembly with electric moter, battery and carrying rack. All wiring in included and in an hour or so you can be off and running for under $400.00. Call us about the frame you have and we can quickly tell you about compatibility. Don't forget, you can change back to your old front wheel and remove the batterys in a few minutes and be back to biking with your friends.

Is the CalCruiser commuting bike?

Yes, the CalCruiser can function as commuting bike. You can ride it on public roads like a traditional bicycle without a license or special gear (though helmets are mandatory in some locations and always recommended). You must abide by speed limits as posted and generally electric bicycles are limited to 20 mph by local regulations. Check your local regulations for specifics.

Your CalCruiser can be easily parked on work premises and secured by locks and If an electrical outlet is available, you can recharge the battery while you work.

Often you can get to work faster on the CalCruiser than in a car. In many locales, special bike routes are set up or coming soon. If you live within 15-20 miles of work, commuting can be a breeze. Some E owners commute up to twenty miles each way.

Whatever your commute, E commuting saves a lot of money and often a lot of time and it is usually a lot more fun than sitting in traffic.

How much money can I save riding the CalCruiser?

There are really two things to consider here. One is your health and the other is the price of commuting. As you know, we are in a changing world and Americans are doing less exercise and not eating correctly. Exercising on your CalCruiser is easy, fun and safe. You can workout as much or little as you want, but the bottom line is you will be healthier than driving that car. If you commuted 7 miles per day each way, you will save about one gallon of gas. That equates to more that $100.00 per month you can save...a win win opportunity with CalCruiser.

How do I change my bicycleís tire and tube?

Nearly everyoneís had that dreaded moment: youíre riding along enjoying what would otherwise be a beautiful day when your bicycle starts to ride peculiar or you suddenly hear that unmistakable hissing sound that can only be air leaking. At one time or another, weíve all had flat tires and had to deal with the inconvenience they bring. Fortunately, changing a tire or inner tube is easy and this week weíre going to show you how.

The answer is: The CalCruiser tires can be changed or like any other bicycle. The CalCruiser comes with a tire patch kit and a small compresse nitrogen inflater. A little work and you are on your way. However, the best way to prevent flat tires is use the best quality tires on the market and keep the pressure up the specification of the tire. If you follow these simple rules, you will enjoy many years of riding without a flat.

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