Electric motorized bikes for the trail or commute.

We offer complete bike retrofits and kits that will let you get more out of your current gear.

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Go Where Few Have Gone Before

The CalCruiser mountain bikes are for riders who want quality, reliability, and safety when traveling even the toughest terrains. All CalCruiser mountain bikes are fitted with an interchange system so you can quickly change from an electric mode of transportation to a pure lightweight mountain bike.

The CalCruiser gives you power for your commute and balance when you need it most — on trails, hills, and other challenging environments as well as a simple commute to work. The CalCruiser electric mountain bikes offer the versatility and flexibility you want with the power and speed you need for thrilling and adventurous experiences.

I've heard enough, I want one!

Why Should I Consider a CalCruiser?

  • Health and longer life through exercise
  • Transportation Economics with the cost of gas going up
  • Quick change from electric to a lightweight mountain bike
  • Battery and bike sevice can be maintained at your local bike shop
  • 1 Year warranty